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Emulsion Reclaiming System

The ERS ( Emulsion Reclaiming System ) revolutionizes the emulsion washout procedure. The emulsion is automatically removed internally at an unparalleled speed. The ERS increases productivity, reduces labor costs, controls chemical usage, and ensures consistent results. The advanced features and user-friendly functions surpass all other comparable technology.

Standard features
Capable of cleaning 300+ large format or 600+ small format screens per shift
Integrated automation controls / PLC
Continuous feed conveyor system
Reclaim speed: 1~8 feet per minute
Dual rotary brushes
Proprietary chemical application system
Accepts multiple screen sizes without adjustments or racks
Reciprocating washing assemblies
Flood rinse section
Adjustable water pressure
High Grade stainless steel construction
Unexcelled performance
Low maintenance

Safety features
OSHA Compliant
Eliminates employee chemical exposure
Emergency stop switches
Clutch safety system ( Conveyor )
No external moving parts
Over-run switch

Remote communication link / modem
Light table

ERS Series
ERS / 1000 20" Height capacity
ERS / 2000 40" Height capacity
ERS / 3000 60" Height capacity
ERS / 4000 90" Height capacity


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