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Graphic Ink Cleaners   Product Name
Press Cleaners / Spray & Wipe:
Highly effective, fast drying, low VOC alternatives for the removal of conventional and UV inks.

- Press Wash LV

Ink Degradents & Solubilizers:
Water Soluble, drain safe ink degradents formulated for the removal of conventional inks
  - GR-6
- SC Ink Wash
- HR-30
- Microwash
- Microwash II
Emulsion Removers
''Ready to use'' and ''concentrated'' formulations designed to penetrate and break down all types of emulsion systems. - ER/35
- MicroWash II
Haze Removers    
Highly effective, drain safe, biodegradable cleaners designed for the removal of ink residues, diazo stains, haze and image stains.   - GB-2000
  - H/C-100
  - Liquid Renu-it
    - Restore GP
    - LSR/10
- LSR/20
- ADS-301
Degreasers / Abraiders  
Concentrated, drain safe formulations designed to control water hardness and leave the fabric free of any contaminates.   - Nutralyze
  - ADS-301
Fast drying, water removable blockouts designed to withstand squeegee abrasion and long print runs.   - Red-Coat
- Quik-Dry
Specialty Products
Lexan Substrate Cleaner - LC-5
Highly Concentrated Liquid Defoamer - Chemcon Defoamer
Waterless Hand Cleaners - Hand Pro
Water Based Belt / Pallet Adhesive - Top Bond

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