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A.W.T.'s new High-Tech Mini flat-bed printer is a high performance press in a smaller format. Offering many of the operational advantages of larger High-Tech models, the High-Tech Mini features independent carriage stroke and head lift drives for smooth, vibration free cycling at high production speeds. Combined with tubular steel, heavy duty chassis, belt drive heavy duty ball bearing print carriage and ultra quiet, maintenance free vacuum motor, this state of the art machine delivers big features with a small print area.

The universal master frame accepts all frame types and disengages from the printing head for fast set-up and cleaning. Ball bearing head lock-in provides pinpoint registration for close tolerance printing. The "0" off-contact capability allows this press to make the most of today's high tension screens. Optional parallel peel is also available.

For optimum print quality control, the pneumatic squeegee pressure level pressure across the substrate. Squeegee and flood bar pressures are easily set using tool free micro-calibrated knobs. A three-point micro-registration system is standard.

Safety features include wrap-around safety bar to protect the operator on three sides, plus a head up/down feature to raise the head independently, without cycling the carriage.


Super three-point-micro-registration system
With target grid assures accurate multi-color registration repeatability

Heavy duty tubular steel chassis frame

Provides extra stability for smooth operation

New exclusive peel system
Up front easy to access controls

Independent head lift and carriage drive
Dedicated drives assure vibration free print cycling

Front or rear carriage stop mode.
Toggle switch on the main control panel stops carriage in flood ( solvent system ) or non-flood ( UV curable ) mode

Universal masterframe.
Accepts all frame types, including roller-frames; disengages from support arms for better access during set-up and cleaning

Four Point Off-Contact Control
Easily accessible turnbuckle settings and rear screen holder height adjustments

Four Point masterframe lock-in
Ball-bearing head lock for the tightest repeatable registration performance

Sliding front & rear pneumatic frame clamps
For fast set-up and changeover of different size screens

New tool free position setting for front and rear screen holders
Excellent to accommodate smaller screen sizes

Exclusive dual sensor stroke adjustment
For fast, accurate stroke length settings and no over running even at high printing speeds

All aluminum vacuum table
1" thick table with the heaviest gauge plate in the industry top and bottom.

Brush-free, maintenance-free vacuum motor
Is the quietest in the industry

"0" off-contact
Allows minimal off-contact settings to take advantage of today's high performance, high tension screens

Independent squeegee and flood bar speeds
An essential print quality control feature

Squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments
For absolute print control on challenging jobs

Independent carriage stroke and head lift drive
Assures smooth, even print stroke

Belt drive heavy duty ball bearing print carriage

Ensures quiet trouble-free / vibration-free operation

Wrap around safety bar with Lift-BackTM
Protects operator with four point micro-switch protection


Cat. No

Max Print Area

Cycle Speed Range


Amps Min Air Req.

9" x 12"
( 23 x 31 cm)

Up to 1,000 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 11 100 psi
4 cfm

12" x 18"
( 31 x 46 cm )

Up to 1,000 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 11 100 psi
4 cfm

15" x 25"
( 38 x 64 cm )

Up to 1,000 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 12 100 psi
4 cfm

22" x 30"
( 56 x 76 cm )

Up to 1,000 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 15 100 psi
4 cfm

(25" x 38"
( 64 x 97 cm )

Up to 1,000 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 15 100 psi
4 cfm


Max. Print Thickness  -  1" ( 2.54 cm )
220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz models also available

25 cfm, 3 HP compressor required for operation with Take-Off
** Foot switch included with all sizes

Options & Accessories

Cat. No Description
APHTM-TO912 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech Micro 9" x 12"
APHTM-TO1218 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech Micro 12" x 18"
APHTM-TO1525 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech Micro 15" x 25"
APHTM-TO2230 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech Micro 22" x 30"
APHTM-TO2538 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech Micro 25" x 38"
APHTM-PG Pneumatically operated guides
APHTM-PSF Pneumatic Squeegee / Floodbar "U" Clamps
APHTM-FPC Sliding front pneumatic clamps
APHTM-RPC Sliding rear pneumatic clamps
APHTM-VVB Variable timing for vacuum & blowback
APHTM-PPO Parallel peel option
APHTM-SPP Spare parts package
APHTM-TA T-Shirt attachment for Accu-Print Mini