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2002 model M & R Saturn 25" x 38" print area with M&R Sentry take off.
Pneumatic screen frame clamps, pneumatic squeegee and flood bar for quick
set up. Also foot pedal.included
Aluminum squeegee holder and aluminum flood bars included.
2002 M&R Vitran II 38” wide belt UV dryer with conveyor

$29,000 for complete line
..can be sold separately

1999 model M&R 25"x38" Saturn press
AWT 25"x38" High tech Micro with take off ..and AWT jogger(UV dryer not included in sale)

PS-Matic Model 4 with side take off, Sets of squeegees & floodbars, Printing size 52’’ X 80’’

AWT Accuprint 44"x64" V Screen Printing Machine, please note we have the ACCU LIFT take off for it as well(picture not shown)
American M&M Hercules 6 Color with 6 UV dryers and 8 stations 30" x40", 480v, 3 PH, 60Hz
1997 Model Sias Serifast 40" x55" print area with Sias UVEX double  UV lamp
dryer with conveyor and Sias stacker
Kippax 30”x40 with takeoff and American UV 30” wide dryer
AWT Accu-Print Hi-Tech Press 38"x 55" with Take off


Awt Accu Print High Tech Micro 25”x38” with take off



American Daytona Press 38" x 55"



American Viking with take-off  52”x96” (1996 model)
   American Viking American Viking American Viking control panel



See New

2003 model Argon HT UV conveyor dryer 32” wide belt 112” total conveyor length
M&R Vitran UV dryer 24 inch wide belt 10 feet conveyor 300 watt mercury lamp
2003 model M&R Switchback 84” wide double lamp UV system
Liberty  double  lamp UV Dryer 84”
   Liberty double lamp UV Dryer Liberty double lamp UV Dryer Liberty double lamp UV Dryer

2009 Model M&R Tri-Light 42x60 Exposure Unit
Model TRILIT4260
Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 36/27 A, 50 Hz, 6.2 kW
Maximum Frame Size 107 x 152 cm (42" x 60")
Overall Size (H x W x D) 109x188x155 cm (43”x75"x61")
Shipping Weight 517 kg (1140 lb)
Vacuum Frame Size 124 x 173 cm (49" x 68")
Wattage 6 kW
Fully reconditioned with 1 year warranty included

Richmond Vacuum frame 96" x 120"
Nuarc 6K Exposing lamp
Douthitt Vacuum Frame,    glass 76”x192” ,  outside dimension 93” x 210”,     72” deep
Exposure Unit 19" x 21
Richmond Solar Beam Exposure unit



Drying Racks
52" x 69"
35" x 52" 32" x 48" 18" x 24"

52’’x69’’ $995

 32”x52” $795

32”x48” $795

18”x24” $300

RhinoTech washout booth with back light. Inside dimensions 32" wide, 23 deep, 45" high
 Drying Rack 52"x 80"
MD International Cutter 23" blade
M&R Turnabout ink mixer
Screen Stretching Clamp system
$95.00 each
Kannegiesser transfer machine
Harris Seybold 56" cutter
Harris Seybold Guillotine
Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener
Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener Nova Press Squeegee Sharpener



Screen Stretching Clamps, build your own screen stetching setup
Screen Stretching Clamps Screen Stretching Clamps Screen Stretching Clamps Screen Stretching Clamps  Demo Video Stdretching Clamps


Flexcon Dry Laminator 27", Flex VU model F-30 115 Volts
 Flexcon Dry Laminator Flexcon Dry Laminator Flexcon Dry LaminatorFlexcon Laminator Brochure product brochure



Used Drying Rack 30” x 43”
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