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Water Filtration Systems

Chemical Consultants Inc offers a simple, affordable solution for screen printers that need to deal with the disposal, treatment or recycling of waste water that contains contaminants which are the result of the screen printing process.
Model - CCI-5CFS
( Automatic Unit )

Capacity 300 gallons per hour- continuous flow
Stainless steel construction
220 V / 20 Amps / Single Phase
Outer dimension of unit 48"(W) x 71"(L) x 68"(H) ( with hopper )

Model - CCI-150SFS
( Semi-Automatic Unit )

Capacity 150 gallons per batch
Stainless steel construction
115V / 15 Amps
Outer dimension of unit 48"(W) x 48"(L) x 69"(H)
( with Motor )

Features. Other information

Provides high water quality

Minimal space requirement

Reduces on-going costs

Inexpensive system

User-friendly, fast and simple

Low maintenance

Reduces liability

Versatile in changing conditions

Compliance with local sewer discharge limits

Although there are some existing traditional treatment processes available for treatment of contaminants, they are usually multi-stage setups, which require a variety of chemicals, qualified personnel, valuable floor space and substantial man hours to achieve required results. Even after all these processes, the solid waste generated may be deemed hazardous and is subject to increased disposal costs and liabilities. This is where CCI provides the alternative in waste management & treatment. The CCI ClearWater reactants are a unique dry formula that when added to our space saving treatment systems achieve the required results to discharge or recycle your water. ClearWater reactants are guaranteed to remove 90% or more of the waste solids, including 99% of all heavy metals. The equipment is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. Sizing is available from 50 gallon processors to larger manual, semi-automatic and automated systems to achieve higher processing rates.

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