Vastex Screen Printing Products

Registration Systems

VRS System for Automatic Presses

Works with ANY exposing unit and wood, aluminum or retensionable screens

Pinboard Specifications:
• 21 x 26 Pinboard constructed of durable
  heavy gauge steel with anti-rust treatment
• 2 precision positioning pins
• 3 screen stops (positioned per machine model)
• Layout graph with guidelines for:
  - front left chest
  - multiple pallet sizes
  - 14 x 18 image area
• 24 set-up sheets
Pallet Jig Specifications:
• Custom Size for YOUR Pallets
• Rugged heavy gauge steel construction
  with anti-rust treatment
• 2 Thumb screws to clamp to pallet
• 3 screen stops (positioned per machine model)
  (adjustable for 18" to 24" wide screens)
• Easy to read instructions printed directly on Jig surface