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Flash Cure Units

Automatic Flash Cure Units
automatic flash cure unit

Manufactured by VASTEX in the USA!
All of the Features of the
RedFlash PLUS...

• Powerful DC gear motor
• Eccentric arm drive for a    consistent and smooth start and    stop
• 0 to 30 second precision timer
• Head rotates 95°
• Foot pedal actuator on 7 foot    cord
• Head rotates 95°
• Ships UPS in three separate    boxes

• Heavy Duty Stand with large locking
  casters (shown in top photo)

Models & Ordering Options:
Complete New Unit
Choose heater style:
Choose heater size:
   18 x 18 or 18 x 24
Choose heater voltage:
   120 or 240 VAC
Choose AutoFlash voltage:
   120 or 240 VAC
Choose Stand:
   Heavy duty or original

Upgrade for Existing Unit
Choose AutoFlash voltage:
   120 or 240 VAC