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Athletic Numbering Systems
VNM-Series Features & Benefits

Screen Printing Athletic Numbers Has Never Been Easier!


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The VASTEX Numbering System is simply the best numbering system that money can buy. We offer a range of models that come as either stand-alone printers, or add-ons, making it possible for any size shop to find the perfect solution. With this printer available, there is no reason to settle for iron-on numbers or paper stencils any more.


  • SPEED, SPEED, SPEED... Prints quicker than heat transfers Allows printing 2-color team names AND unique numbers in a single press run (see note below) No need to stock numbers or alter #'s to make the numbers that you need (i.e. cut an 8 to make a 3) Unlimited color selection and exact matching with other artwork on the garment Versatility... quickly changes from a numbering machine to a standard press to accommodate your current work load Reduced Costs... Ink costs less than heat transfers!
  • Quality... Ink is more comfortable than heat transfers, and it won't peel off!


  • All 10 digits on one a single screen. 9 fonts to choose from... some with shadow & outline options Standard font sizes available in 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" Precision locator for extremely accurate positioning Each number is easily positioned center, left, or right Print single or multiple colors Easy setup and breakdown Multiple models / configurations available. [see them]
  • 25 Year Warranty


  • 30" deep side clamps available for printing player names Custom fonts, sizes & options available
  • Optional roller stand for use with smaller numbers [shown to left] (Standard with 10" or greater numbers)

Note: Ability to print 2-color team names or logos depends on your system configuration. When using numbers with either logos or names, please note that the top of the number falls approx. 15 inches from the bottom of your logo screen. Make sure to take this into consideration when burning your logo or team name screen.