Ulano Screen Making Products

CDF®/QSR - Complete Solvent Resistance - Dual Cure

Color Solids Viscosity Shelf Life
Magenta 94% none 18 months in cool dry storage - Coated Screen Life 4 weeks

Product Fact Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Fast exposing SBQ/diazo sensitized films intended for use with all solvent-based inks. Magenta colored films adherable with water or QFX® emulsion.

The CDF/QSR series (available in thicknesses of 10, 20, 30, and 40 microns, and in rolls or custom-cut sheets) is formulated using pure photopolymer (SBQ), technology in combination with a special diazo resin. This combination yields very fast exposure times, excellent storage properties (conservatively speaking, 15-month shelf life; six weeks adhered to mesh time but unexposed), a minimal influence of temperature and humidity on exposure speed, minimal changes in solubility with age (for consistent EOM), virtually universal solvent resistance, superb durability, and effortless stencil removal.

CDF/QSR is manufactured to the highest quality control standards in the industry: ± 1 micron. This high degree of control, in combination with the emulsion formulation, permits a repeatable low and defined stencil profile and a low Rz value with excellent resolution and ink transfer. Similarly, mesh bridging is superb.

CDF/QSR has a special backing sheet with a special matte-surfaced polyester that imparts slight irregularity to the bottom of the stencil. This has no consequential effect on the Rz value, yet provides special benefits under extremes of humidity. When the humidity is high and the substrate is smooth, CDF®/QSR releases easily from the substrate after the print stroke. Under low humidity conditions, the CDF®/QSR stencil has minimal hydrostatic attraction to the substrate, minimizing ink "feathering" or "whiskering."

CDF/QSR is produced with a special magenta colour that reduces light transmission under the edges of the positives, offers contrast for easier stencil inspection, yet permits the see-through registration of multi-screen jobs. This colour is environmentally safe and contains no heavy metals or other ecologically-damaging components in the formulation.

CDF/QSR is ideal for the reproduction of the finest details and for thin ink deposits applications on fine screen meshes. It is recommended for such higher quality screen making applications as: graphics, printed circuit boards, compact discs, membrane switches, ceramic decals, glass (automotive, architectural, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, hollowware, slot machines), and high resolution textile requirements.

    AVAILABILITY in sheets
  • Thicknesses of 10, 20, 30 and 40 microns
  • Custom-cut sheets (minimum order: 25 sheets of any one size and thickness)
  • 10 micron film CDF/QSR-10 for 419 tpi or finer (165/cm)
    26" x 300" CDF/QSR1026300
  • 20 micron film CDF/QSR-20 for 305 tpi or finer (120/cm+)
    26" x 300" CDF/QSR2026300
    42" x 300" CDF/QSR20713
  • 30 micron film CDF/QSR-30 for 230 – 420 tpi (90 – 165/cm)
    26" x 300" CDF/QSR3026300
    42" x 300" CDF/QSR30713
    52" x 300" CDF/QSR30513
  • 40 micron film CDF/QSR-40 for 196 – 305 tpi (77 – 120/cm)
    26" x 300" CDF/QSR4026300
    52" x 300" CDF/QSR40513