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High Performance CDF/Matrix

Color Solids Viscosity Shelf Life
Green 94% none 18 months in cool dry storage - Coated Screen Life 4 weeks

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Building Thick Film Stencils for Special Effects Printing

CDF/Matrix is a high quality diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) capillary film series combining exceptional imaging properties, total solvent resistance, and extremely wide exposure latitude. CDF/Matrix is easy to reclaim, even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks or washup solvents. CDF/Matrix is coated onto 300-gauge optically flat polyester base.

CDF/Matrix films are designed for general graphics printing, including highly demanding UV applications, four-color process and fine detail printing, as well as POP, industrial graphics and sportswear applications requiring excellent quality and high durability. CDF/Matrix is resistant to solvent-based, co-solvent, and UV inks, and to a wide variety of on-press cleaners and wash up solvents.

The emulsion thickness of CDF/Matrix should be matched to the mesh count that will be used for the job. If the mesh is too coarse, the resulting stencil will have low EOM (thickness of emulsion over mesh, on the printing side of the mesh), a high Rz value, and poor acutance. If the mesh is too fine, resolution will be poor, the EOM will be too thick and there may be difficulties forcing ink through the stencil.

  CDF/Matrix-UV CDF/Matrix-20 CDF/Matrix-30 CDF/Matrix-40
Mesh count/IN 419+ 305-419 280-419 196-305 tpi
Mesh count/CM 165+ cm 120-165 cm 110-165 cm 77-120 cm
    Available Rolls
  • 10 micron film Matrix UV 419 tpi or finer (165 tpc)
    26" x 300" MXUV26300
    42" x 300" MXUV713
    52" x 300" MXUV513
  • 20 micron film Matrix 20 for 305 tpi or finer (120/cm+)
    26" x 300" MX2026300
    42" x 300" MX20713
    52" x 300" MX20513
  • 30 micron film Matrix 30 for 230 – 420 tpi (90 – 165/cm)
    26" x 300" MX3026300
    42 "x 300" MX30713
    52" x 300" MX30513
    26" x 36" MX302636T Free test sheets (3 per tube)
  • 40 micron film Matrix 40 for 196 – 305 tpi (77 – 120/cm)
    26" x 300" MX4026300
    42" x 300" MX40713
    52" x 300" MX40513

Rolls 0.66 X 10+m, 1.06 X 10+m, and 1.32 X 10+m. are available outside North America.