Ulano Screen Making Products

LX-892    Extremely Abrasion Resist for flat or cylinder screens

Color Solids Viscosity Sensitizer Solvent Resist Water Resist Estimated 305 mesh
1K MH Speed
Estimated 305 mesh
5K MH Speed 
Blue 48% 10,000 cps diazo dual cure seconds seconds 

MSDS Product Fact Sheet Technical Data Sheet

LX-892 is extremely resistant to abrasion and holds up very well under shop conditions of high temperature and ambient humidty. LX-892 is formulated to produce stencils that are extremely resistant to the pastes and inks used in the ceramics industry, using flat or cylindrical screens. It is particularly suitable for printing floor tiles, single-, double-, or triple-fired glazed tiles, and porcelainized stoneware. It is very resistant to water- and solvent-based mediums, and blends used in the ceramic industry for direct printing or decals. It can also be used for many other demanding mediums printing such as water-based inks for textiles.

L X-892 can be catalyzed using Hardener D to make stencils resistant for longer printing runs. Hardener D is a solution developed especially to produce a chemical polymerization of the stencil that does not damage screen mesh. Reinforced screens can be very hard to reclaim. Before reinforcement, however, screens can be reclaimed easily using one of the stencil removers manufactured by Ulano: Stencil Remover Nos. 4, 42, 44, or 5.

Thanks to its very high solids content and medium-high viscosity, it produces stencils of high resolution with excellent definition, providing a superior build up of emulsion with each coating pass, excellent mesh bridging on coarse mesh, as well as rapid drying.

LX-892 is blue for easy see-through registration and inspection on white or dyed mesh It turns brown when sensitized and when properly exposed, LX-892 will revert to its original blue color, serving as a built-in indicator of proper exposure.

  • High Solids Content (48.6%) - dries faster
  • Medium High Viscosity (10,000 cps) - Rapid buildup of emulsion coats
  • Well defined image edges
  • Wide Exposure Latitude - Functions reliably under less than ideal shop conditions
  • Contains Special Wetting Agents
  • Good Storage Properties
  • Excellent resolution Excellent coatability Forgiving of poor mesh preparation
  • In unopened container: 1 year Once sensitized, 4-6 weeks in closed container
  • Coated screens (unexposed): 2-4 weeks (stored under dark and dry conditions)
  • Compatible with virtually all water-based inks and plastisols textile inks
  • Powder diazo powder, not syrup has no hazardous shipping restrictions
  • Durability can be extended on properly exposed stencils with Hardener D
  • Lower Rz value yields sharper printed edges
  • Occupationally and environmentally friendly
  • Virtually odorless and VOC-free
  • biodegradable
  • 28 ounces (0.83 liters)
  • 1 gallon (3.785 liters) 4 per carton
  • 5 gallons (18.927 liters)
  • 50 gallons (1041 liters)
  • Premeasured diazo sensitizer is included with each unit.
  • Shelf life 4-6 weeks after adding diazo
  • Coated mesh shelflife 4 weeks