Ulano Screen Making Products

Gelatin Indirect Film

All Indirect System Photographic Films consist of a light-sensitive emulsion affixed to a transparent base or backing sheet, with special adhesives. Indirect Films are exposed, developed (except Pulsar and Ulanolux UP3), washed out with skin temperature water and then adhered to a screen.

Indirect films offer superior fine detail reproduction; sharp printing edges; uniform stencil thickness; predictable standardized exposures; close control of stencil thickness, hence ink deposit; fast and simple stencil production; and easy stencil removal for efficient mesh recovery. All Ulano gelatin-based Indirect Films are totally solvent resistant. The topcoat on Ulano Indirect Films prevents tackiness under conditions of heat and high humidity.

Ulanoprex® - best indirect film resolution

Light blue emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Very hard gelatin for ultimate copying properties. Fast exposing.  Suitable for negative printing and fine halftone work. .

Superb resolution 30 - 50 microns

Quasar R 100

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Modern formula, red gelatin indirect system photographic stencil film with wide processing latitude, excellent edge definition and high resolution. Suitable for a wide range of applications including graphics and electronics.

Resolution: 40 - 60 microns
  • QR10042x150 42" x 150"
  • QR10042x197 42" x 197"
  • QR10042x394 42" x 394"
  • QR10042x600 42" x 600"

Red TI® - fine line and halftone work

Dark red film with a thick emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Produces a thick stencil that adheres well to all mesh, yet has extremely high resolution and definition and wide exposure latitude. Thin topcoat for use with automatic developing machines. Ideal for fine line and halftone work and a wide range of electronic printing applications, especially solder mask.

Resolution: 50 - 75 microns (2 - 3 mils)
  • UPTI4213 42" x 300"
  • UPTI4231 42" x 600"

Blue Poly-2® - general screen printing work

Blue, medium thickness emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Combines wide exposure latitude with excellent resolution. Ideal for general screen printing work.

Resolution: 75 - 100 microns (3 - 4 mils)
  • BP2202 40" X 150"
  • BP2213 40" X 300"
  • BP2313 44" X 300"

    Blue Poly-3® - general screen printing work

    Blue, medium thickness emulsion on a 3-mil optically flat polyester backing. Same as Blue Poly-2, except for the thicker backing, which affords additional dimensional stability and easier handling of large stencils. Slightly less resolution than Blue Poly-2.

    Resolution: 87 - 112 microns (3.5 - 4.5 mils)

  • BP3202 40" X 150"
  • BP3213 40" X 300"

Super Prep® - general graphics work

A green emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Wide exposure latitude. Hides dust, tape marks and positive edges very well, minimizing the need for touchups. Excellent adhesion to all synthetic mesh. Not intended for high resolution applications, but suitable for general graphics work.

Resolution: 100 - 125 microns (4 - 5 mils)
  • SP202 40" X 150"
  • SP213 40" X 300"
  • SP313 44" X 300"

    Hi-Fi Green® - general printing

    A green, thick emulsion on a 5-mil matte vinyl backing. Ideal for general printing applications. Hides dust, tape marks, and positive edges very well, reducing the need for touchups. The vinyl support imparts a slightly irregular surface to the stencil bottom, allowing easy lift off when printing on smooth surfaces under humid conditions. The thick support facilitates the handling of large format stencils.

    Resolution: 125 - 150 microns (5 - 6 mils)

  • HFG302 44" X 150"
  • HFG313 44" X 300"